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Where and how to see the Shutdown and Startup log in Windows 11 and 10?

Let us introduce you to the world of computer drivers. The only way to deal with it in most cases is to restart your computer. The problem is; that does not deal with the actual problem. If it has appeared again then it is likely to reappear.

  • If any malicious files are found, you can immediately neutralize them by allowing Malwarebytes to put them in quarantine.
  • Below are general Blue Screen of Death troubleshooting steps.
  • Initiate a system reboot and check whether Windows can now boot normally.

With that out of the way, before we get to the troubleshooting steps, I would recommend you first try a good old restart. If that doesn’t work, we can move ahead with the below methods. Now it seems that I have at least 30 red error codes per day, all I have to do is start the computer and wait 5 minutes. Slightly off topic, I had a “Tech Scam” call yesterday.

How to Fix Broken Registry Items in Windows 10

Continue to scroll down and uncheck the box next to Display a notification about every script error. Navigate to the Advanced tab, and then scroll down the Settings section to Browsing menu. Then tick the checkbox next to Disable script debugging .

It depends on if its a driver you can replace easy. My Radeon RX 580 was crashing with the latest drivers installed. I just removed them and let Windows use the ones it gets through Windows Update to solve it.

What causes the blue screen of death?

Select all of the registry checkboxes, then click Scan for Issues. Click the Download button to install the CCleaner on your computer. To make the modifications take effect, restart your computer. Choose each service one by one and tick “Disable” in the window’s bottom right corner. If it detects any discrepancies, it attempts to replace the corrupted file with a new copy. The latest copy is downloaded from the active internet connection.

If you do not have access to the Group Policy Editor then you can try enabling background app options using the Registry Editor. Use the steps below to help you along with the process. You can fix missing background app options on Windows 11 by checking your settings. Chances are that this option has been disabled using Group Policy Editor or the Registry Editor. Managing background apps is a great way to enhance your device’s power consumption. This can lead to better performance and more importantly better battery life on mobile devices.

Top 4 Ways to Uninstall Desktop Programs and Windows Apps in Windows 10
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